3 Ingredient Success Soup

3 Ingredi3 Ingredient Success Soupent Success Soup
Written by Sherri Lojzer
May 30, 2016
If you’re hoping for a magic bullet, then you’re guaranteed to be disappointed, but I hope you don’t let that stop you from reading on because the most productive, successful & wealthy people will attest to these things. It doesn’t require money or even a coach for that matter. It does, however, require a level of commitment.
First, insist on No Regrets! This is all about perspective. You’ve heard the saying ” Either you win or you learn.” That saying is all about being able to accept outcomes without judgement of yourself and only looking at what the success was and what the learning was. No negative self talk, just evaluation of what did and did not work the what you will do differently next time. Perspective fuels our self confidence and our tolerance for risk. It impacts our body chemistry and our mindset. It manipulates our actions and behaviours. It fuels our motivations and passions and helps us to work past the tough spots.
Second, Journal for Awareness! Hindsight is 20/20 and the reason that is so true is because we are often caught in the emotional hi-jacking of a moment and cannot always make good decisions in the moment. Recording the thoughts to reflect back later gives us insight into triggers for bad choices or behaviours, unhealthy or undesirable patterns of behaviours, information to understand our motivations and see ourselves and situations in a completely different light.
Third, Develop a Keystone Habit! Even notice that if you eat the exact same breakfast every morning you could make it in your sleep? Or maybe you drive the exact same route home from work every single day and you often arrive home thinking you don’t even recall the drive? That is the power of habit. Create the set of actions that you will commit to over and over so that your brain can be focussed on other things and you still do it anyway. Once you’ve created on habit, you can build on it and build on it with additions that eventually lead to a series of habits that continually move you toward success.
That’s it friends. Literally, a recipe for success. Mindset, Action & Reflection. Mix it all together with all the commitment you have and you will have created the perfect Success Soup!

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