Baby Crying

Is Leading by Logic or Instinct Better?

Baby Crying

Written by Sherri Lojzer

Apr 5, 2016

You know how they say oil and water don’t mix? Well neither do instinct & logic. Neuroscience shows us how each part of our brain impacts these two important characteristics. What it tells us is that instinct happens even before our brain has a chance to process. It happens so fast it explains why a mother will place herself in harms way to protect her child, and later say she didn’t even think about it, she just reacted. That’s because its actually true. The problem with that is our instinctual or “amygdala response” is that it also creates a rush of biochemical reactions in our brain that actually floods the prefrontal cortex just like a flooded carburetor. This is where your logic centre is in the brain that takes care of reasoning and decision-making. So what happens when you flood the carburetor? It won’t start. 200,000 years ago when we were only just evolving into Homo Sapiens this was vital to protect our very lives. It allowed the automatic responses of our body to kick-in in response to dangers instead of waiting for the slower second stage of processing in the logic centre. Today however, survival is more about being able to communicate and display compassion, empathy, understanding & collaboration to succeed in our families and our careers. So now our highly evolved intelligence and communication skills can be completely undermined by hundreds of thousands of years of DNA coding. It takes actual intentional awareness and thought to keep that balance in check for today’s world. So which is better? Both are actually, but the key is in learning the ability to harness one to drive the other.

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