Stop & Read the Trail Signs!

If you’ve ever ridden one of the many amazing bike paths we are fortunate to have in Southern Ontario, you have likely come upon a sign, often at main crossings.  When you stop to examine it there is a wealth of knowledge you can gain.  From just a few minutes of examination you will see a map showing where you are, your intended destination is likely visible and all the possible ways to get there or any where else.  It may tell you some history of the place and even the evolution over time.  It might tell you what lives and grows there.  This is a great place to take a breather, reflect on your journey so far and what’s to come.  Grab some water & protein to refuel you while you ponder all of these things.  When its time to get back on your bike and move forward you now have a redefined vision of your path in your head and what you need to do to travel it.

Emotional self-awareness is just like that trail sign showing you where you are, where you’ve been and all the potential ways that you could get to the destination you chose.  Most importantly, it also reflects back the history, growth and options for how you want your journey to be.  It is a place for gaining clarity and vision before you plunge ahead.  Your emotions are trail signs that are meant to give you a lot of information to read and understand.  Make sure that you stop, get off your bike and take the time to read the signs

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