Reduce procrastination, reduce stress

The Formula for Stress


Stress=Procrastination Time(Weight)

Procrastination is your brain’s way of telling you it protests what you have somehow committed to. we are wired to avoid anything that is uncomfortable. If something makes you uncomfortable it warrants some reflections on what exactly is the issue. Often, we chalk it up to too much to do or just plain laziness, but in the bigger picture it ties back to something significant either you have a negative belief system around or you perceive it as threatening something about you.

Lets use doing taxes as an example. Many people bemoan having to do their taxes. Is it because its difficult? It feels like a judgement of your financial health? Maybe its the fear of being separated from your money, maybe you suck at keeping your documents organized and the tax preparer will find out, maybe you have a philosophical issue with the whole idea of paying taxes or maybe its something your parents stressed about. Could it be that its just time consuming and you want to do other things that you’re more motivated to do. Perhaps you resent having to share that private information with anyone else.

No matter the reason you procrastinate, the longer the time you procrastinate times the weight of that task directly impacts the amount of stress you will suffer.

What’s the solution to the problem? It’s Y of course.

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