Trump’s Chemical Warfare

Does it not seem crazy that a blatantly undiplomatic and self serving president seems to be running the United States in chaos on purpose and unchecked?  It’s indeed his own chemical warfare on his own nation.  The truth is he most likely has no idea and even less ability to actually harness it in a good way.  Nonetheless he has put Americans, politicians and the entire globe in a state of emotional hijack.  Just as if the globe was an oversized brain, Trump is having the exact same effect on it, that our own brain chemistry has on us in times of stress and anxiety.  Those chemicals impede the logic centre of the brain and engage the emotional responses to danger.   When the emotion centre is in control its focus is on life saving measures and reactions rather than thought out choices.  In other words, who has time to think when they are in a constant state of danger.  Although that might sound somewhat extreme, the truth is that our ancient brain structures work just the same as they did 400,000 years ago when dealing with danger.  Danger just happens to look a little different than it did back then.

For todays current population of the seemingly civilized world, the ongoing drama and unfettered reactions to those who question his authority by lashing out publicly and with vengeance, has those in any proximity in a regular state of emergency.  Not knowing what will set off the next assault or who it will be aimed at is what maintains that heightened emotional state.  That is also what maintains that heightened chemical reaction in our brains.  Ironically, Trump’s own brain chemicals keep him in a constant state of emotional hijack.  So the power he seems to wield so wantonly is actually in control of him, despite his constant and overt attempts to convince the world he is in control.

So it seems Trump learned early how keeping people in such a state can be a useful weapon in business and so continues to wage his chemical warfare on people everywhere from his position as president.  The question is, can he learn how to control that which controls him and brings such chaos to those around him?

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